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Long Ridge Music Center - Music Lessons

Music lessons for all levels serving Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan, Darien, Pound Ridge, Bedford and Armonk.

Music lessons for children and adults in a beautiful facility designed to enhance the music education experience and ensure the success of our students.

We offer piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, cello lessons, drum lessons and more.
Our music teachers are highly qualified and specialize in different music genres, student ages and levels.

We provide a friendly, caring atmosphere and the right conditions to maximize the benefit and enjoyment of music lessons...so pay us a visit and learn to play an instrument! 


Please contact us for more information about music lessons.

Piano  •  Guitar  •  Strings  •  Voice  •  Percussion

Music lessons for children and adults.

Instrument Rentals

Why Long Ridge Music Center?

Long Ridge Music Center is a premier music school providing private music lessons for children and adults.
Our state of the art facility was designed and built to ensure the most ideal environment for music lessons.
Spacious acoustically isolated rooms, some overlooking a beautiful pond, enhance the music learning experience and maximize the enjoyment of students and their success in music lessons.
Our friendly reception desk is open Long daily hours allowing for easy registration, scheduling or recital planning. 

What Musical Instruments Do We Teach?

We teach the most popular musical instruments and offer lessons for children and adults.
The music lessons at Long Ridge Music Center are for all levels and range from beginner through intermediate and to advanced.
If you or your child are interested in taking piano lessons, voice lessons, violin lessons, cello lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons or bass lessons, we'll be happy to arrange these for you.
If you're interested in learning how to play an instrument that is not listed above, such as banjo, trumpet, saxophone or sitar, please let us know as we may be able to arrange for music lessons for these instruments as well.

We also run student recitals and offer programs for music theory, practice partners, band ensembles, chamber music, adult evening play groups and music teacher performances.

Who Are Our Music Teachers?

The music teachers at Long Ridge Music Center are carefully assessed and qualified in order to meet the standards of our music school.
We interview and audition our teachers and ensure that their personalized music teaching philosophy is one that we support.
Music teachers have different styles for teaching and they excel in varied musical genres, age and musical proficiency levels.
Being able to select from a large pool of highly qualified teachers allows us to match the best music teacher based on the student/parents preference in order to reach the best results.

What area do we serve?

Long Ridge Music Center is conveniently located on Long Ridge Rd, just off the Merritt Parkway exit 34.
We are within minutes drive from Stamford, Greenwich, New Canaan and Darien, CT...and Pound Ridge, Bedford and Armonk, NY.

Most of our students arrive from the above listed towns but some come from further away such as Westport, CT or Rye, NY. 

Do we rent musical instruments?

Yes. We rent musical instruments including violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone and drum kits.
Our semester registered young guitar students may also rent special sized guitars.
Piano rentals, piano leasing and a variety of other piano related programs are available through our affiliate business, Allegro Pianos, with whom we share our building.

Do we offer home music lessons?

We can offer in home music lessons but rarely do so for several important reasons.

First, the mind set of students, especially children, is completely different between home music lessons and lessons that take place within our facility.
We find that students are much more prepared as they come into our facility and reach far better results having a distraction free environment that they associate with music lessons for piano, violin or another instrument...versus students attempting to take lessons in their everyday home environment.
Simply put, in our experience students taking lessons within our facility enjoy overall a much greater level of success than those taking lessons at home. When students take music lessons within our dedicated facility, they progress faster and tend to continue their lessons to enjoy the benefits of music education and music playing.

Another reason we prefer not to offer in home music lessons is because most quality teachers rather teach in a music studio rather than drive from one location to another.
Many of the teachers willing to drive from one location to another are fairly inexperienced.
Interviewing and assessing prospective teachers for Long Ridge Music Center, we found that most of the music teachers that were willing to provide in home music lessons did not meet our standards. 
The better teachers, that we hire to teach at our school, are rarely interested in driving around much of the day.

Finally, although music teachers' backgrounds are checked and vetted, we feel that it is safer for our music school students, especially children and teen age students, to take lessons in a controlled and safe environment such as we offer within our facility. Large windows and doors with glass panels allows us to monitor and ensure that lessons proceed as they should. 

So while at times we may be willing to arrange for in home lessons, mostly for adults, it is a practice that we strongly discourage as we aim for our music students to succeed and enjoy their lessons to the fullest.

Please contact us for information about music lessons.

With highly qualified teachers, state of the art facility and wonderful instruments, learning to play has never been so much fun!

Musical training is a more potent instrument than any

other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the

inward places of the soul, imparting grace, and making the

soul of him who is rightly educated graceful.

- Plato

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