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What We Offer

At Long Ridge, we offer private lessons for every level in piano, guitar, strings, voice, brass, percussion and more. The interaction of student and teacher is critical to mastering a musical instrument, and so each student is carefully matched with a teacher. Weekly lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.

A good foundation in music theory helps students to feel comfortable with the building blocks of the music they play. Just as in language, musical literacy is indispensable to effective communication. As students increase their understanding of the music they’re learning to play, their technique and confidence increase as well. They use their knowledge of melody, harmony and notation to get inside the minds of composers, listening to and analyzing music from different periods and styles. Instrumentalists and vocalists in private lessons often find theory classes to be of enormous help.

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We offer a music appreciation class for middle and high school students needing an environment for serious music study. Teenagers are happier to be in band or orchestra than other age groups, and often lifelong alliances can be forged in such venues. Ensemble classes offer students the chance to perform within a nurturing and noncompetitive environment, in which they:
  • Hone performance skills
  • Explore the rich and varied 4-hand literature
  • Manage performance anxiety
  • Sharpen daily practice skills
  • Learn to utilize technical tools
  • And most important—have fun
Players of all instruments and all levels are welcome to the class.

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Chamber music is one of the greatest joys of music making. Simply getting together with others to play is the highest expression of musical language. A variety of groups of all ages and abilities receive instruction and coaching by our dedicated faculty: classical ensembles (such as piano trios, string quartets, or wind quintets), jazz bands and rock/pop groups. After meeting once a week during the year for coaching, groups culminate their experience at a Chamber Music Weekend in May. Guest coaches are invited in for special workshops.

Designed to build confidence and develop creative talent through games, improvisation, voice and movement. Students work in groups and pairs to develop acting skills, group dynamics, and stage awareness. While the class is process and not product oriented, group work will culminate in an informal production of work done in class.

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This music appreciation series provides a broad context in which to develop the playing of advanced level students, young and old. Opportunities for regular performance are offered within a nurturing and comfortable environment. It is not necessary to be taking private lessons concurrently. Technical and musical questions of individual pieces are discussed, as well as the broader topics of choosing repertoire, the how of practicing, performance anxiety, and the importance of the daily practice of a musical life.

Adults of beginning and intermediate levels are invited to Masterclass— similar to the advanced students class—to share their progress with their fellow students. Performance opportunities, topics in music history and appreciation, and guest teachers comprise a fascinating counterpoint to individual study. Chamber ensemble opportunities are provided, and all levels can chart a shared musical path.

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Recitals give students the opportunity to display the skills they have acquired, and experience the excitement of live playing. Though not required, these regular concerts are for students, young and old, who thrive on performance.

Faculty recitals at the Long Ridge facility provide students with a chance to hear great music performed by top-notch professional musicians, nurturing the love of music and heightening aspirations.

Each student is paired with another student at approximately the same proficiency level, beginner or intermediate. Once or twice a week, for 30 minutes, partners meet in the practice room with a practice assistant. The assistant helps them with their technical exercises and takes them through the preliminary paces on new repertoire. Partners are assigned duets, which they can then practice together. This program solves several problems associated with practicing at home, including loneliness and practice routine. Though not a substitute for daily practice, Practice Partners teaches students good habits.

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